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TODAY random 300€ COUPONS by e-mails on everything for our members. Check your e-mail!

Info! Free Webinar Robot programming 15minutes is planed for 18th December. Check webinar events here

Watch the "other" channel NATURAL BALTIC. Coming videos from Italy Baltic Community...

Italy Baltic Trading Community presents Agriverde Wine Excellences

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LATVIA. In November was country of the month. You get from this TV a tip from the the legal specialist for any transaction, immigration, investment, advertising. All industries. Ask free legal business guide with all State fees report.

Sailing & boat season. Book on TV our next sailing event in Baltic organized by members of B2BALTIC, or ask a quote for a new boat. From passion for Baltic sea & B2B trade.

WATCH TV our entertainment channel NATURAL BALTIC with movies from our business members (you can send a movie to our redaction too, choosing UPLOAD VIDEO).

GET E-CITIZENSHIP IN B2BALTIC. Estonia the e-country is giving access to digital Europe through the smart e-residency.

GET A SAMPLE. Our member Zeus is transforming polymers into possibilities. For distributors of industry tools, medical, aerospace, automotive

TAKE THIS DRONE. From Italy-Baltic Hub this smart phantom drone to increase productivity of vineyards. Made-in-Italy in software solution

GET A SAMPLE. This webinar was LIVE for scientists: Heat shrinks technology and possibilities for industry (the topic is for tech distributors only)

Jewels the Nordic fashion from Helsinki! Great in design and fashion movies. Open to resellers and global retailers. Over 50 jewels producers in B2BALTIC Deal for sponsor.

TRANSFORM YOUR SHOP DIGITALLY. How to add technology “in-store”? Look what our shops do in B2BALTIC community

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"As we know a picture is tousend words worth; to see and be seen is heard directly most importand nowadays tool"
Silvia Vanka
"This is new way to promote your product or services"
Amit Srivastava
"Great opportunity to network"
Sophie Lechner
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