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The Italian MSC Cruise in the Nordics - all Christmas/NewYear special cheers to the Italy Baltic Trading Community!

entertainment environmental cultural traditional social political technological - our movies from the Nordics or "country-made" by our business members - upload yours!

The Italian who went to Sweden. Funny shorty comedy about Italian food and cooking style of the Swedish people. Of course the Italian think it´s a joke

Italian language versus Swedish. Nota Bene the difference

Italian can learn Finnish and speak quite good. But Finnish is considered an extremely difficult language, like a secret encrypted code. Really?

AirBaltic celeberates the 100 years of Latvia Republic proclamation with low flight over Riga city center, daugava river

100 Years Latvia in November 2018. The spectacular fireworks from good location for this special evening for Latvian

Baltic Bees Jet in Italy, Bellaria Igea Marina, during summer 2018. The pilots team from Latvia had really good time

Baltic BEES JET team is a group of master pilots. Do have a look at their job in this beautiful video

An overview of the SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) Business Class Lounge at Copenhagen Airport (by Simply Aviation)

Ferrari Motors in the Baltic - Poland main cities tour and allegria con il cavallino ramparante

Sailing passion for yachting and racing, but it´s not only a question of selling boats. We are in love with the Nordic Baltic sea.

The Port of Helsinki has taken the top spot among European passenger ports. 12.3 million passengers (by Port of Helsinki)

Challenges for the States of the Baltic area. International conference at the Riga Conference 2018. Nordic council.

In September this beautiful overview of Stockholm city center by nightflight with drone type Mavic 2 (by Swedrone Aerial)

Summer 2018 in Palanga, the most famous Lithuanian beach at the Baltic coast. With international airport.

Trip on Viking Line's Gabriella from Helsinki to Stockholm and a 'look around' along the way (by MS Marine Diesel)

Freight and passenger trains in Estonia, Regional, international passenger trains, and some others (by MSTallink)

Welcome to Estonia "Forever Young". An Estonian TV show of 2018 with music and song in local language (by R24)

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