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Active your cloud TV for broadcasting your video contents 24/24 - full automated - you easily program the sequence and times with the highest streaming quality - we will connect your live, events and webinars to Directors TV via B2BALTIC

The next-generation video management application for broadcasters and media publishers.

It fully resides in the cloud and offers an end-to-end workflow to manage broadcast media entirely in your web-browser, on computer or smartphone.

Thank our community platform managed by our members, your video assets are conveniently scheduled into linear channels.

From the cloud the video is either streamed via your own CDN contract or delivered to your satellite, cable, or video platforms such as YouTube.

You can start now your business TV channel, your tutorial/coaching channel, lifestyle channel, retail channel, travel channel, cooking channel, music & concert channel and many others according to your industry or professional mission.

You can stream your videos “continuously live” to these platforms. The interface is user-friendly very easy to manage. You don´t need assistance all the time.

3 easy steps

1) It all starts with your videos. Upload your media assets to the cloud. We accept all major media file types.

2) Once your videos are uploaded, you can build playlists and schedule them 24/7.

3) Use the scheduler to plan which content should be broadcasted on your channel for the next hours, days, weeks or months. It works for you at day, and night when you sleep: you never stop doing your business.

What testimonials say

"it gives more opportunities"
"WebTv and videos are powerfull tool for marketing "
Jewels Designer HELSINKI (FIN)
"great opportunity with B2Baltic TV"

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